Vol. 1  Issue 1

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Racing getting hot with AME

AME at Indian Dunes
Sunday September 26, 1976
By: Lee

Racing action has really been getting hot with AME recently. All sorts of riders have been flocking out to the tracks to try their luck for the large, good looking trophies and a chance at some quick bucks in. the Pro classes.Even with the Veterans Nationals running on the International track, AME still pulled a full house of riders on Shadow Glen for a regular Sunday racing event.

Mike Marshall has been dominat¬ing the 125 Junior class for some time now, but he has finally moved his '"way up into the Intermediates, and again, he's doing a good job of winning. Riding his trick RM 125 Suzuki, Marshall came out and took the win for the Intermediate class by beating out Ken Willis, from Ridge-crest, and Jim Radwick. It looks like it won't be too long before Marshall will be on up in the Pro class, doing what he does naturally, win!

In the 500 Pro class, a familiar face turned up. It was none other than Bryar Holcomb, riding his new KTM. The ex-Bultaco, ex-Maico rider has found a new home on top of the new 400 KTM. It seems like a profitable arrangement, as Holcomb has been able to roost the competition quite regularly on the white wonder.

This weekend was no different, as Bryar was able to put away the 500 Pro class in fine form. He didn't have too much trouble taking the overall. His only competition came from Tom Claire, riding his new 440 Maico. Claire, now riding for Billy Payne's California Moto Sports, looks good on his new Maico, but he wasn't fast enough to keep up with the KTM rider, and had to be content with second overall.

In third was Steve's Bultaco rider Fred Hoblit. Fred's come a long way in racing, as he's now a serious threat in the Open class. Fred's bike sported one of the new swing arms named "The Answer." According to Fred and Eddie Cole, this swing arm is the only way to go with the new Bultacos, since you can run better shocks than the stock items.